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Monday, February 23, 2015

♚ Valentine's Date with Catherine ♚

Hi~! I know this is late but I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's. This year I spent mine with my twinnie, Catherine. Her boyfriend was working that day so she called me up and we planned a nice dinner at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants to catch up and hang out together!
This was my makeup and outfit for the night:
Dress&Necklace: Forever21/
Blazer: H&M/Boots: Liz Lisa
Here's all the yummy food we shared:
Sadly we didn't take too many photos together because we were so busy chatting and eating. We managed to take like, one decent photo but the quality is shit because it was outside in the dark.
I had a lot of fun and it was honestly one of the happier days I've had lately. Thank you so much for sharing it with me darling. Hopefully we can hang out more often after you graduate!

❤ Dineout Vancouver 2015 ❤

Hello my sweet readers, I'm back! I accidentally disappeared for like, a month (oops!) but don't worry I'm still alive. I've been working as much as humanly possible and I'm still on the hunt for a new job so that's been really time consuming. I've got a lot of posts to catch up on so hopefully I'll get those out for you this week!
Every year, my city has a huge food event called Dineout Vancouver. It's where many restaurants get together and come up with set menus at a set price for people to try throughout the event. This gives customers a chance to try out the restaurant's food at a more affordable price (most places serve 2-3 course menus for this event).

This year I went to three different restaurants, but only two of them were worth the trip I think. The first one I went to was Merchant's Oyster Bar on Commercial Drive. I used to go there for brunch a lot but I've never tried their regular menu so I thought I'd try it during dineout.
Our oyster appetizer
My albacore tuna first course
Seared ling cod with potatoes
main course~
Needless to say everything was delicious there. I'd love to go back again! Here was my face for the day:
Next I went to the Cheshire Cheese in North Vancouver with some very good friends from elementary school, We have a tradition of doing dineout together every year, this was our 5th year! Unfortunately this one was not as good as our previous years, and I think this place was the worst out of the three places I went to for this year's dineout. The service was slow even though we had a reservation and the food was sub-par at best. At least we still had good company!
My crab dip appetizer which was
really yummy and probably the only
tasty thing I was served
besides dessert :<
My fish and chips but they were
really greasy and soggy. The fries
were gross too D:
At least dessert was nice ;n;
Here's my face for the night:
The last place I went to was Bistro Sakana in Yaletown. It was a very nice Japanese restaurant. I went with my best friends from high school and we were blown away by the food!
Our chazuke appetizer. It was
super tasty!
Our main course. 
Chilled chocolate souffle for dessert!
My face for the night:
Overall, I think this year's dineout experience was pretty good! I got to catch up with a lot of old friends and try out some very interesting new foods. I'll definitely go check out Bistro Sakana again because that place was amazing! Until next time~

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

☂ Birthdays, Books, and Lash Extensions ☁

Hi! Did you lovelies have a good weekend? Over the last two weeks I caught up with a lot of old friends, as well as spent quality time with some new ones!
I finally got the chance to hang out with Sharon. We met a long time ago at my best friend's birthday party years ago but we never really spent any time with each other after that. We had been talking a bit and decided we should meet up for lunch! Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures together because we were so busy chatting but here's a picture of her and just omg look at how stunning she is ;____;
I also went to a birthday party at a pizza parlor downtown. It turns out a good high school friend of mine works there so I got to chat with him a bit. What a small world! Here are some pictures~
Me and Szeki
The birthday boy Keith (far left)!
My friend Carly asked for eyelash extension models on Facebook the other day so I volunteered! She needed to practice and since I've always wanted to try them I thought, why not? 
Here's a picture of my non-existent lashes
Here's what she ended up giving me:
They're so long! I thought they were going to be a lot more dramatic but I'm glad they turned out so natural. They require a little bit of extra care but if you're really on top of things, these babies can last 2-4 weeks!

Afterwards my friend Branden picked me up from the salon and we walked around downtown a bit. We came across this really cool store that sold a bunch of things from furniture to bookmarks. I took a few pictures to show you guys~
A badass lizard letter opener
We also stopped by the book store for a few hours. I've been meaning to get back into reading but I'm so picky with my books it's almost ridiculous. Here are a few I thought were interesting, let me know if you've read them or if you have any book suggestions!
This one is about a man who loses his father
and abandons his life by moving to the wilderness.
He ends up adopting a baby elk and they end up
becoming friends.
This one is about a perfumer who is
also a murderer.
This one is a romance novel about a girl who
is sold to a mafia family and she falls in
love with the son of the family.
This week I'll be going for DineOut Vancouver again so I'll be updating about that later! I have a few backlogged posts that I meant to make a while ago so I hope to get those out to you as well. Until next time! Have a great day~

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